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Freecycle Warehouse

Unit 4 87 Great North Road




0208 441 0746

Freecycle Warehouse is a Familey Run Business since 2005 buy textiles from members of the public schools Charity Shops.


Freecycle Warehouse is based in Barnet North London in the Medow Works Industral Estate.


Freecycle Warehouse NEVER Throw anything away everything we stovk is kept until a use for it can be arranged or wait for the right person to come and collect it.


We have our own freecycle clothing banks located a cross london and are collected and emptyed every 2 days.


Freecycle Warehouse are pending a application to become a CIC Company (Community Intrest Company offering Schools and local


Community Projects donations of 5p from cloths collected in the arrea of our Freecycle Clothing Banks.


Freecycle Warehouse is hoping to support Education , Youth in the Community and Help young people stay off the streets and keep there minds open.


Freecycle Warehouse has a large relationship with many talents from Recording Artis recording Studios and also Work Placments and offer support for young people to better there community and there profiles.